Insulated Garage Doors Provide Energy Savings To Montgomery Residents

Did you know that your garage door is not only important to the appearance and security of your home, but can be a significant factor in saving on heating and cooling costs?

Our Montgomery customers often ask, "Why do I need an insulated garage door?” The answer is simple: Significant savings on heating and cooling costs and increased comfort for your family. If your garage is not heated, more energy is required to heat all adjacent living spaces, which results in unnecessarily high utility bills. Even if there are no rooms above your garage, manufacturers have increasingly used thinner steel and other materials when constructing garage doors.

Energy Conscious Montgomery Residents Choose TJ's Garage Door Service’s Garage Door Insulation

TJ's Garage Door Service garage door insulation provides a warm backing to the door’s metal, which also significantly increases its durability and resistance to other forms of damage. An investment that pays off in the long run, garage door insulation is a wise choice for many energy conscious Montgomery residents.

Green Insulation Technology

Among several insulation choices, TJ's Garage Door Service offers an advanced insulation technology that helps your home deflect the sun’s rays and intense heat during a Montgomery summer and retain natural warmth during winter months. In addition, TJ's Garage Door Service insulation is free of allergens to ensure the health and safety of your family and ensure your peace of mind.

To learn more about insulated garage doors and how to save on energy costs, contact a TJ's Garage Door Service representative at (832) 869-2642.